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KANNADA Language an Important Issue, please participate and respond

FROM: sadakannada@yahoo.com
DATE: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 21:28:15 -0700 (PDT)
SUBJECT: Re: [ellaKAVI] Does anybody still believe in the prosperity of
Kannada software? //  NUDIDANTHE   NADEYADAVARU  // 
Hello Friends
This is a very important issue.

Please participate in
writing a petition by pouring in your diverse ideas.

We can reach the
concerned organizations and also our GOK with a proper petition.  Once
we do that not many can escape through excuses.  Let us put the facts
together and tell them.

May be some people in the government may not
be aware of the issues with KSD, so they have not taken much interest
in that.  If we give them the right information and what we feel about
the current mess that is there in KSD, I am sure more people will come
to know.

Venkat Kumaraswamy <vmkumaraswamy@yahoo.com> wrote:                             

Does anybody still believe in the prosperity of Kannada software?

Why should KGP develop a non-standard Nudi Fonts ?

Why Nudi is not in conformity with the Govt guidelines?

http://ellakavi. wordpress. com/2006/ 09/18/does- anybody-still- believe-in- the-prosperity- of-kannada- software/



Kannada Fonts and Applications developed by APPLESOFT since 1990’s

http://ellakavi. wordpress. com/2006/ 09/11/kannada- fonts-and- applications- developed- by-applesoft- since-1990s/ Read About SRG Systems


the first Kannada Word processing Software developed in 1987 by SRG Systems. Now SRG is not in business because of NUDI and KAGAPA http://ellakavi.wordpress. com/2006/ 08/31/shabdratna -the-first- kannada-word- processing- software- developed- in-1987-by- srg-systems- now-srg-is- not-in-business- because-of- nudi-and- kagapa/

Does anybody still believe in the prosperity of Kannada software?


IT and Kannada -part- 5 LAST PART by Dr. U. B. Pavanaja

NUDIDANTHE NADEYADAVARU http://ellakavi. wordpress. com/2006/ 09/04/it- and-kannada- part-5-last- part-by-dr- u-b-pavanaja/



KAGAPA's Founder Secretary Sathyanarayana on KGP, NUDI, BARAHA

I have distanced myself from KAGAPA for many reasons

http://ellakavi. wordpress. com/2006/ 08/26/i-have- distanced- myself-from- kagapa-for- many-reasons/

my further views in detail on the baraha and nudi developments

http://ellakavi. wordpress. com/2006/ 08/26/my- further-views- in-detail- on-the-baraha- and-nudi- developments/


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