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Does anybody still believe in the prosperity of Kannada software?

Does anybody still believe in the prosperity of Kannada software?

Dear all Kannada software users,


In the light of ever changing OS capabilities, every Kannada software
user is concerned about the  fate of Kannada on computers.

Kannada facility on computers are dictated by the OS. Therefore, the
solutions do also vary. The transition of OS from DOS to Windows didn’t
have much impact on the users just because of data generated on both of
these OS (DOS and Windows) was based on the same font hacking
techniques. The present transition from non-standard (hacked fonts) to standard
(Unicode) is not the same as the earlier from DOS to Windows.

During the earlier transition Kannada software developers spent money,
time and energy due to their compelling passion towards the Languages.
But the present transition has not attracted any of the Kannada
software developer so far. WHY?

To accelerate the growth and development of Kannada software, Govt of
Karnataka has announced the standards and guidelines on 1-11-2000.
Further, the Govt of Karnataka has sanctioned funds to the tune of Rs.30.55
lakhs to develop various Kannada software.



Why the developer (KGP) is not able to deliver the products?

On one hand GoK has announced the glyph standards to ensure the data
portability on the other hand GOK is implementing its e-Governance
projects based on the non-standard glyphs ignoring the much needed


Who is behind this development?

Why should KGP develop a
non-standard Nudi?

Why Nudi is not in conformity with the Govt guidelines?

Whether one wishes to go in line with Unicode or not, it is the boon
and future and is already available. When the GoK had consulted the so
called Kannada software saviours – KGP, Why they have not developed a
software to enable Unicode on MS Windows 98?
This could have enabled every
Kannada software user to use Unicode on MS Windows 98.
Why should one
bother about promotion of XP in the name of Kannada.
Microsoft is
offering its OS which is Unicode enabled, it is for anyone to embrace due to
its importance.
In order to use Unicode with MS Windows XP, one could
download the IME from Basha.

Does anybody still believe in the prosperity of Kannada software?



N. Anbarasan
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Shivanagar, W.C.Road
Bangalore – 560010
Tel : 23386167
Telefax : 23357167




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