Kannada, Kannadiga, Kannadigaru, Karnataka,

Kannadigarella ondaagi Kannadavannu ulisona, kalisona and belesona

Does GoK knows what it is doing in KSD ? Do we have KSDevelopers who has done sales in KARNATAKA State ?

Kannada Software and  Services 



V. Kannada Software and  Services 

1. Kannada software should confirm to the guidelines issued in G.O. No. ITD 6 NJV  2000  dated 1-11-2000  issued by Government of Karnataka.

 2. The Kannada software developed should work under Windows, Unix, Linux and Macintosh platforms.

3.  The Kannada software developed should have a provision to add Kannada fonts to the community of English fonts in windows.

4. The Kannada software developed should  ;

a) Provide facility to use the package  both in  English and in Kannada languages

b) Provide facility to use Kannada fonts in the application software like Ms-access, Visual Basic, Oracle etc.

c)        Provide Indexing and Sorting facility as per Kannada alphabets.(CPÁgÁAvÀ)

d)       Provide import/export facility.

e)       Provide facility to send Kannada data through LAN, WAN, NICNET and INTERNET

f)         Provide Kannada e-mail facility

g)       Provide Government approved Keyboard layout

h)       Provide facility to save the file in the HTML, RTF and TXT formats

i)         Provide multimedia facility        

5)  The Company’s annual Turnover in Kannada software development should be Rs.25 lakhs or more for each of the last 3 years.

6)   The Company should be original software developers or authorized dealer. The Dealership should be exist for the last 2 Years.

7)  The Company should have at least 5 software engineers


The software developed has to be in accordance with the Government Order issued in this regard


September 17, 2006 - Posted by | CIIL Kannada, Govt. of Karnataka - GoK

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