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Recommendations About Kannada Software

Recommendations About Kannada Software


1. Users Interface across Existing Softwares.
Instead of creating altogether an exclusive word processor for Kannada Language, efforts should be made to bring users interface with already existing standard softwares such as ‘page maker’, ‘win word’ etc.

2. Original Commands to be continued to be used.
There is a tendency to translate the computer commands into Kannada Language. Though it is called as Kannada Language, in reality these commands are replaced with much alien Sanskrit terminologies. They are more unfamiliar than the existing English Commands. Whoever is using the computer is familiar with the original commands. These commands not only familiar but also frequently used (Such as ‘computer’ instead ‘Ganaka Yantra’). Hence it is recommended that there is no need to translate the commands into Kannada (Sanskrit) Language. They can only be transliterated into Kannada Script.
If any extra explanation is necessary for any commands such as ‘PREFARENCES’ etc, we can create ‘pop-up help’s to all such complex commands.

3. Introduce Unicode.
It should preferably in Unicode. At present only ‘Baraha’ and ‘Nudi’ are Unicode compatible.

4. Create filters to import files.
Provide filters to import all files created by other major Kannada software’s which are already in use for more then ten years.

5. Key board Drivers.
Different software are used by different people. Users may not be familiar with the key board drives as they have different designs, and patterns. Hence it is recommended that each design should be provided its own key board driver to facilitate the user. It may be mentioned here that the Government of Karnataka has standardized the key boards to be used for computers. The same may be accepted by all manufacturers, vendors etc.

6. Create custom key board layout.
Create custom key board layout for the user to make any adjustment, whenever unique requirements are needed. Vendors have also introduced their own layouts along with existing key board layouts. This has resulted in many key board layouts. However, when a particular user wants any adjustment in the key board design due to any special reason, there should be provision for that.

7. Open Source Initiative.
The source code used to develop this software would be freely available on the internet on the lines of Linux Open Source Initiative.

The significance of Open Source is,

a) Due to the perpetual expansion of possibilities, the usage of Kannada software is bound to come across with new and unknown requirements. If freely available any user can upgrade with the free source code to suit their need. The user can then Introduce his changes back to the open source, so that this will aid other users as well. this will help continuously to expand the usage of Kannada to all fields.

b) Since it is free, common usage of Kannada software will increase.

c) There will be a collective participation in the development of the software by all users of Kannada Software.

8. A permanent Screening committee under the IT Ministry, has to be formed to administer the new upgrades to the free source code. This is very important, since various users could introduce many changes and upgrades. This committee will screen, evaluate and incorporate the changes.

It is suggested that the following members may be included in the committee.

1. Sri. K. P. Purnachandra Tejaswi
2. Prof. G. Venkata Subbaiah

3. Lingadevaru Halemane
4. Dr. B. Mallikarjun
5. Navakarnataka Publications.

Software Engineers
6. Dr. Sreenatha Shastir
7. Dr. Pavanaja


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