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Pavanaja reply to EKAVI member about NUDI and OPEN SOURCE in 2004

--- "Dr. U.B. Pavanaja" <pavanaja@vishvakannada.com>

wrote:  Tue, 25 May 2004 

> namaskaara 

> You are advocating for opensource and Nudi at the
 same time. I hope you are aware of the 

> difference between free software (Open source

> software, GPLed) and freeware. Nudi is not a 

> free software. It is a freeware.
> To promote Kannada on Linux, Nudi has to be ported

> to Linux. To do that Nudi should be made 

> open source. I have been advocating for this for more

> than two years.
> I have never said one should use only Windows XP and
> should not use Linux. Currently 99% of

> the people use Windows on desktop. Since new systems

> are coming with Windows XP by

> default, I wrote an article explaing people how to

> enable Kannada on that. If you have Windows

> XP and Office 2003, you don't need Nudi and Baraha.

> That was the message I wanted to

> convey. I never said you should discard all existing

> systems and buy these new systems to use

> Kannada. Many people are using XP but not aware that

> Kannada support is built-in there. I 

> wanted to help those people.
> Any database program made using non-Unicode

> technologies have a limited life.
> It is exteremely difficult to develop database

> applications using VB and a databse like Access or

> SQL server using Nudi. Try yourself. You will have

> to use the bilingual font of Nudi, which is not

> as per any standard. Sorting is not possible in

> Access or SQL server. You need to get all the

> data from the database, sort them using the

> functions provided by Nudi SDK (or Baraha SDK)

> and tehn put them back into the databse. Imagine

> that there are 25 lakh names in a database

> (as in Karnataka Telephone ditrectory) and you want

> to insert one name into that. Think about

> the time it will take to accomplish this task if it

> os done in the front-end (VB) and not in the back-

> end database (SQL Server or Access). If you use

> Unicode and VB.NET, it is very easy and fast.
> Of course, you can also use non-MS solutions like

> Linux, Apache, MySql and PHP. One small

> hitch here -Kannada sorting on MySql is not yet

> perfect. But since it is opensource, you can

> pathc it up yourself. This is the reason why I was

> advocating that Nudi should be made 

> opensource. The sorting of Kannada is perfect on

> Nudi. This algorithm should be made

> available to opensource communtiy. There are other

> problems regarding Kannada on Linux. 

> There is no perfect opentype font available for

> Kannada as of now on Linux. The rendering of 

> Kannada opentype font on Linux and openoffice is

> still not perfect. These have to be perfected. 

> I am not saying that they will never be perfected.

> sigONa,

> Pavanaja

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