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pavanaja ravara lekhanadha bagge prathikriye

From: "Dr. U.B. Pavanaja" <pavanaja@softhome.net

To: ellaKAVI-owner@yahoogroups.com

Date: Sat, 22 May 2004 22:44:18 +0530

Subject: Re: [ellaKAVI] pavanaja ravara lekhanadha bagge prathikriye

I am not advocating to limit the usage of Kannada in the name of 
Unicode. I am advocating for longevity of Kannada along with other languages of the 
world. By using non-Unicode solutions, we can have Kannada, but ONLY Kannada is 
possible at a time. By using Unicode, either on XP or on Linux, we have seemless 
integration of Kannada along with the OS. Nudi, Baraha, ShreeLipi, Akruti, etc. add a 
layer and the solution is not integrated with the OS.

Karnataka Govt started using and advocating Nudi when there was no 
Unicode solution available for Kannada. Nudi has lived its utility. We have to accept 

I have not condemned Nudi and Baraha. My article tried to remove the 
myth that "it is possible to have Kannada on Windows only by using Nudi and/or Baraha". 
I am using Baraha and Nudi. That does not mean that I will be using them for ever. 
I was using B&W TV about 18 years ago. But I am using multi channel, colour TV now. 
Similarly, I am suggesting that everyone should move ahead. And this is the time.

It is possible to have Kannada Unicode on Linux. As I am not an expert 
on Linux, I was suggesting my friends who are experts on Linux and are working on 
Kannada Linux, to write an article on that. But they are not good at writing. Hence it is 
not done. Another fact is that Kannada on Linux is not yet fully matured.

There are personalized attacks in the letter. This kind of mail could 
be written only by a person of unsound mental health. I am not selling Kannada to Americans. 
Let me ask a question here: What KGP has done to implement Kannada on Linux? The 
answer is NOTHING. Kannada Linux enthusiasts are asking for the source code of 
Nudi from last three years so that they can implement it on Linux. But KGP never gave 
it and are not willing to give. Nudi works ONLY on Windows. And everyone knows who 
makes Windows. This clearly shows who is selling Kannada to Americans.

It says that I am allowing Windows to twist Kannada in any manner. Let 
V S Narasimha show a proof for it. If he can not show a proof, I owe an apology from 
him. I have been after Unicode Consortium and Microsoft to make Kannada perfect on 
Unicode as well as on Micorsoft. KGP never participated in Unicode mailing list. They 
never sent a single mail to Micorosft, technically evaluating a product, giving 
feedback on bugs, etc.
It was me who did it and got Kannada's problems on Unicode and Windows 
solved. I had been to Unicode consortium's seminar at CA, USA, attended Open type font 
seminar at Seattle by Microsoft, attended Global Software Development Conf at 
Redmond and met people who decide Indian languages' implementation at Unicode and at 
Micorosft, explained the problems, gave them the solutions, etc.

Let me ask a question to V S Narasimha: What is your contribution? Just 
doing a character assassination is not good. Do something good for Kannada. 
Don't indulge in mudslinging.


> ella snehitharigu namaskaragalu,
> prajavani dhinapatrikeyalli pavanaja ravaru barediruv
> lEKhanadha bgge nanna prathikriyeynfnu e ancheyondhige
> lagatthisidhene. idhara bagge nimma prathikriyeyannu
> thiLisi.
> nimmava
> narasimha

September 4, 2006 - Posted by | DUBAI Kannada Sangha, Pavanaja on NUDI, Baraha and KGP

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