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Kannada’s survival – my thoughts on a specific area


I can see lots of spirit and ongoing efforts in these groups to save and promote Kannada. At times its a tough decision – where to draw a line. I saw few people started talking about buying products manufactured only in Karnataka, as far as possible. I personally think we are going too extreme, this is never ending thing. Lets not divide India in the name of preserving language and culture, please.

Ok, I wanted to share some of my thoughts regarding a specific topic. Please go throgh attachments. Actually its not specific to Kannada alone, but its very relevant for even us. The topic is very vast and complex and I am not sure if I have given proper justice to it in my small writing. Please feel free to write back to me! Your comments are welcome.


Krishna Shastry.

P.S. Sorry for the huge size of the mail due to several attachments 😦


kannada_haadugalu001.gif (83k) [View]
kannada_haadugalu002.gif (91k) [View]
kannada_haadugalu003.gif (90k) [View]
kannada_haadugalu004.gif (95k) [View]
kannada_haadugalu005.gif (95k) [View]
kannada_haadugalu006.gif (55k) [View]

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