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WAKE up KANNADIGAS:: Srinatha Sastry, Narasimha Murthy, Pandithradhya, KAGAPA, KGP, Pirated Nudi Fonts, Pirated BARAHA Fonts are RESPONSIBLE for DESTROYED and DESTROYING the KANNADA SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT in Karnataka State. Govt. of Karnataka need to WAKE UP on this ISSUE !!

WAKE up KANNADIGAS:: We all need to stand for the TRUTH !!



Srinatha Sastry, Narasimha Murthy, Pandithradhya, KAGAPA, KGP, Pirated Nudi Fonts, Pirated BARAHA Fonts are RESPONSIBLE for DESTROYED and DESTROYING the KANNADA SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT in Karnataka State.

Govt. of Karnataka need to WAKE UP on this ISSUE !!

Why Govt. of Karnataka “GOK” has not taken any action against KAGAPA, KGP,Pirated NUDI Fonts or INDIVIDUALS RESPONSIBLE for SELLING PIRATED NUDI FONTS to Govt. of Karnataka.

Why GOK  is listening to KAGAPA / KGP, when GOK knows that KAGAPA as an entity has not even developed any KANNADA FONTS ?

Why GOK is not using SRG Systems and APPLESOFT, who have DEVELOPED KANNADA FONTS and other programs in KANNADA ?

SHABDRATNA, the first Kannada Word processing Software developed in 1987 by SRG Systems. Now SRG is not in business because of NUDI and KAGAPA


Products developed by APPLESOFT which supports Kannada.


Kannada Fonts Piracy:: Birth of Baraha, Fonts used in Nudi, GoK

Cheated, Violation of IPR by VASU, KGP,


KGP – What it is? What it has done? – By Anbarasan pf PEOPLESOFT


Baraha’s Mr. Sheshadri Vasu’s email to Mr. S. K. Anand 

[Anand is Akruthi Fonts owner]


APPLESOFT :: Nourishes your Language :: Surabhi Fonts


KGP’s Monkey business


Monopoly of KGP – Prepared by Mr. N. Anbarsan



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SHABDRATNA, the first Kannada Word processing Software developed in 1987 by SRG Systems. Now SRG is not in business because of NUDI and KAGAPA

SHABDRATNA, the first Kannada Word processing Software was
launched by the then Director of Karnataka Govt. Computer
Center during January 1987. This was used extensively by
almost all Offices & Depts of the Govt. of Karnataka.


SRG Systems Pvt. Ltd. (Software Research Group) is one of the
leading research and development oriented software company in
India. SRG was started in 1984 by T. S. Muthu krishnan who is a
B.Tech from IIT Madras. He has more than 35 years of experience.

S R G was the first Indian company to produce and export packaged
software to European countries like West Germany, Holland,
Belgium, East Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia & Taiwan
and Middle East countries.

S R G, a professionally managed company, was the first to develop
packages in Indian Languages namely Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu,
Malayalam, Marathi, Gujrati & Bengali using Indigenous Knowhow
based on extensive experience in the field of Software

SRG has developed several application Software Products and
Packaged Software Packages.

First developed a Word processing Software on Apple System
in USA for a Client in 1983-84.

During 1984-85 SRG had been developing application Software
for various Customers.

Subsequently developed WORDLORD on IBM PC which was later
Exported to Europe in 1985-86 and Far Eastern Countries in

SHABDRATNA, the first Kannada Word processing Software was
launched by the then Director of Karnataka Govt. Computer
Center during January 1987. This was used extensively by
almost all Offices & Depts of the Govt. of Karnataka.

Kannada DTP Software VENUS Publisher was launched in 1989.
This was used extensively by several Publishers of Kannada
books including NAL Mr. Srinatha Sastry. Govt. of Karnataka
is still using our DTP S/W for Budget presentation.

CHITRAKALA was specially developed for Door Dharshan Kendra,
Bangalore for Kannada Titling and graphics during 1990.

Several other Language Softwares were also released.

During 1993 developed DATA BASE Software Package INEX which
is a Kannada-English Business Software using which various
applications like Financial Accounting, Inventory, Payroll,
MRP, PPC etc. were released. INEX was launched by the then
Minister for Higher Education, Govt. of Karnataka.

During 1994 developed WINKEY Kannada interface for
Windows applications. This was also used extensively by most
of the Offices & Depts of the Govt. of Karnataka.

During 1999 developed KARYALAYA 2000 Multi-lingual office

During 2001 developed BANK SCRIPT Multi-lingual interface
for Data Processing Applications.

During 2003 developed SRG BROWSER Multi-lingual Internet /
Intranet Browsing Interface.

We had struggled hard to promote Kannada usage in Computers for
more than a decade without any assistance from Govt. of Karnataka
or any other body and even ignoring the more lucrative Commercial
Software development.

In fact we had spent more money for Research & development,
Training and Support for Kannada than we had earned. It was other
Language Softwares particularly Hindi & Tamil which helped us to
make some profit.

We had even provided our Kannada Software free of cost to several
Individuals including Mr. Srinatha Sastry for personal use and
thereby encouraged Kannada usage in Computers.

It is only after Kannada usage in Computers had fully spread as a
result of our promotion, suddenly some individuals found that they
can use the slogan “Kannada promotion” as a ploy to syphon out
Govt. funds which can be shared among them. They had even used
some good persons like Dr. Pavanaja for achieving their goal.

As we were already promoting Kannada without any Govt. funds and
also these individuals had no Technical or Linguistic expertise,
they had decided to use the “Back-door approach”.

First these vested interests formed a group with a catchy name
“Kannada Ganaka Parished” and entered themselves in the books of
Karnataka Govt. claiming to promote Kannada thru’ Computers.

They had implanted the idea of “Kannada Standards” in the minds of
un-suspecting Govt. Officials. They influenced the formation of
Standards committee without including the real users like Typists
or the Kannada Software Developers.

They had wasted Govt. money and time by establishing two
“Redundant Standards” for “Keyboard” which is harmful to
KANNADIGAS, as well as “Mono Lingual font” which is totally
useless as NUDI itself is using Bi-lingual font.

Thousands of POOR UNEMPLOYED KANNADIGAS spend what little money
they have on Kannada typing diploma courses and pass typing exams
using manual typewriter where the speed & accuracy are important.
By adopting a keyboard other than typewriter keyboard would defeat
the very purpose and completely destroy their future.

One can not Promote Kannada at the expense of POOR KANNADIGAS.
It is for this reason we had adopted typewriter keyboard for the
qualified Typists and at the same time provided phonetic typing
for other users.

Further we had written to D.I.T. on 30-6-2000 that most of the
Customers use Bi-lingual fonts and demanded the Standards for
Bi-lingual font. This was totally ignored by them.

After the NUDI Software was rejected by almost all Govt. Staff,
they came out with their own “Non-Standard” Bi-lingual font
thereby making the “Font Standard” as Redundant by themselves.

This was the level of intelligence at KGP.

Then they had influenced the Govt. to appoint themselves (KGP) as
the “Certifying Agency” for these “Redundant Standards” and forced
the Govt. to part with more than Rs. 2 Lakhs for this purpose.

They had also used certain Corrupt Govt. Officials to sanction
funds to the tune of Rs.27.65 lakhs for the Kannada Software
Development, which even a well established S/W Company will find
it difficult to achieve.

No standard procedure like Tender or Multiple Quotations was
followed by D.I.T. The KGP is not a Govt. body either.

KGP without any infrastructure for Software development, not even
a proper office or a Computer, was awarded such a huge Software
Contract. This also shows the level of Corruption and the
Influence they had used.

In fact we have not earned so much money during the last 17 years
of Kannada Software development.

KGP had already Certified our Software earlier. After the
“Contract” was awarded, KGP had no Idea of “How to go about”.

Hence, the second certification “Drama” was enacted jointly by
Corrupt Officials of the D.I.T. and the vested interests in KGP
with the sole aim of pirating the Kannada Software Technology of
the Software Developers.

They had asked the un-suspecting Software Developers to
demonstrate and explain the Language Technology to the “KGP team”
which included the part-time programmer who had later “developed”

It is humanly impossible for a part-time programmer to do Research
& development and come out with an Original Software in such a
short time. The Truth is simple common sense, obvious and glaring.

Then the “Certifying” Agency themselves “Certified” their own
“developed” Software NUDI and “sold” it to D.I.T. at a huge cost.

Obviously the vested interests in KGP would not have spent more
than Rs. 15,000/= for the part-time programmer. But they had
managed to syphon out Lakhs of Rupees of Govt. funds which was
obviously shared by these vested interests with those Corrupt
Officials of the D.I.T.

The claim of “saving money for the Govt.” is a fraud. As there is
no support or service, which the Software Developers provide, the
NUDI Software will be dumped by the user and entire money “spent”
for NUDI will go down the drain. If the Govt. wants to provide the
support or service, the cost will be enormous and will run into
crores of Rupees.

If at all the D.I.T. Officials wanted to save money for the Govt.
they should have called for Tender or Competitive Quotations
instead of accepting the “fancy prices” quoted by KGP. Or atleast
they should have approached CDAC or NCST which are Govt. bodies.

The main aim of this Corruption and Nepotism is to destroy Kannada
Software development in Karnataka. Such a rampant Corruption and
Nepotism has never happened in any other State in India.

This has totally destroyed small and medium Software Developers.
This has also resulted in the retrenchment of staff thereby
creating unemployment.

Later the half baked NUDI Software did not find any taker as almost
all Govt.Staff had rejected it. After finding that the resistance is too
strong, they had used the Hon’ble Chief Minister himself as a
“tool” to push the NUDI Software and thrust it down the throats of
the resisting Govt. Staff.

If this is called “KANNADA PROMOTION”, then I feel sorry for

In addition to the above I have come across more documentary
evidences to prove the SWINDLING OF PUBLIC FUNDS by KGP with help
of D.I.T. namely :

1. Letter from Registrar of Societies about KGP.

2. Audited Financial Statements of KGP.

3. “Donation Receipt” for Selling of Govt. Property by KGP.

From the Letter from Registrar of Societies it is obvious that the
KGP is a DEFUNCT SOCIETY and is not entitled to receive any funds
from the Govt. However the KGP has already received Rs. 12,36,040
from the Govt. as of 31-3-2002. Further, they are also Selling the
Govt. Property and earning Interest from Govt. funds.

D.I.T. had stated that “The ownership of the software vests with
the Department and KGP has no right over it”. However KGP has been
selling the software CDs and had already earned Rs. 18,800 as of
31-3-2002 and still continuing to do so. This selling is being
done in a clandestine manner by calling it a “Donation”.

It is also evident from the Financial Statements of KGP that a sum
of Rs. 6.14 Lakhs, which was in excess of actual expenditure, is
being held in Bank deposits. While the Govt. is facing paucity of
funds and borrowing at high Interest, a DEFUNCT SOCIETY is holding
excess funds from the Govt. and earning Interest on Govt. funds.

PROCUREMENT ACT 1999 exempts only the projects funded by
International Financial Agencies, which obviously means that all
other Govt. funded projects including this “DEAL” are
automatically covered by the ACT.

D.I.T’s repeated claim that KGP is a “NON PROFIT ORGANISATION”
itself amounts to cheating as Rs.27.65 Lakhs is virtually a
ransom. Even PROFIT making commercial establishments like ours can
develop for Rs.16.00 Lakhs and still make PROFIT.

The allegation of creation of Monopoly is also proved by the G.O.
Dated 27.12.2001 in which virtually all possible Kannada Softwares
are covered leaving NOTHING for other Software Developers thereby
depriving the Software Developers their right to survive and
“physically eliminating” them so that no body will be there to
question the illegal procurement of Kannada Software from the
KGP and the misuse of public fund.

While the crooks in KGP are syphoning out the Govt. Funds as
“Honourarium” to already employed / retired persons, the “Real
Promoters” of Kannada are forced to face the unemployment. This
amounts to “making the Rich Richer, the Poor Poorer”

It is highly deplorable to “monopolize” the Kannada Software
developments by encouraging the “Middle men” as KGP can not
develop any Software themselves .

As these vested interests were not really interested in promoting
Kannada, they had also indulged in playing politics by creating
Regional bias as some of the Developers including me are not
KANNADIGAS. It is in fact a good sign to note that NON-KANNADIGAS
are promoting Kannada and one should feel happy about that.

With Kind Regards,

T. S. Muthukrishnan
Managing Director
SRG Systems Pvt. Ltd.

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Puneli Meet matte Mumbaiyalli KSC Kaaryakrama

From: “kannadaprapancha” <kannadaprapancha@yahoo.co.in>
Date: Wed Aug 30, 2006 6:58 am
Subject: Puneli Meet matte Mumbaiyalli KSC Kaaryakrama

Namaskaara Geleyare.

Netnalli Kannadasaahithyada oMdu utkRuShTa taaNavaagirO
Kannadasaahithya.com ideega 6 varuShagaLanna pooraiside. swataH
patrakartaraagiruva, Shekarpoornaravaru, praaraMbhisi niShTeyiMda
naDesikoMDu baruttirO ee taaNa, ideega Kannada saMskRutiyannu
pratinidhisuva nammellara hemmeya taaNavaagi beLedu niMtide.

Kannadasaahithya.com na muKhya dyEya aMtaMdre, Englishmayavaagiruva
Internet medium annu Kannadavoo sEridaMte itara nirlakShyakke
oLagaagirO sthaLeeya bhaaShegaLige oggisuva prayatnadalli toDagide.
idu aagabEkaaddu oMdu samudaaya maTTadalli. aMtarjaala maadhyamavannu
bagedu nODuva namma kannaDada YuvakariMda. eegaagle iMtaha
prayatnagaLu yaShasviyaagi naDeyuttive.

Yahoovina KSC beMbaligara baLagadalli 400kkoo mikku jagattinaadyaMta
beMbaligariddaare. aarthika, naithika, haagu sakriya beMbala neeDalu

ee baLagada vatiyiMda, Aug 6 raMdu beMgaLoorina Sheshadripuram
Collegena kannaDa adhyayana kEMdrada sahayOgadalli 6nE
vaarShikOtsavavannu, yuva utsaahi taMtrajna Raghava Kotekar avru
abhivRuddhi paDisirO 'Sampoorna' annO CMS annu , Rudramurthy avaru
abhivRuddhi paDisirO 'Pada PareekShaka' annO Spell Checker add-in tool
annu U R Ananthamurthy avara adhyakShateyalli biDugaDe maaDalaagide.

alladE ee Websitenalli prakaTisO kRutigaLannu key-in maaDlikke oMdu
community kooDa astitvadallide. eega sumaaru 40 jana ee baLagada
volunteers aagidaare. tamma biDuvina vELeyannu Kannada PustakagaLa
key-in maaDalu saarthakavaagi viniyOgisi aa reetiyaagi kannada
sEveyalli toDagiddaare.

iShTallade, Microsoft Tunga fontnallirO korategaLannu gamanakke taMdu,
kooDle MS navru react maaDi font version release maaDuvaMte hELike
koDisuvudaralli saphalaraagiddaare. idannella monitor maaDbEkaagirOdu
naavu kannaDada yuvakarE alve.

iMtaha anEka vaiShiShTyapoorNa kelsagaLna hammikoMDirO KSCya
Mumbai-Pune baLagadavru 6nE vaarShikOtsavavannu Mumbainalli naDesi
kannaDa janara ee viShiShTa prayatnakke raaShTreeya gamana taMdukoDalu

ee kaaryakrama Oct eraDanE vaaradalli Mumbainalli naDeyalide.

ee kaaryakrama yaShasvi aagabEkaadre, Mumbai-Pune yalli nelesirO
kannaDa yuvaka-yuvatiyara sakriya prOtsaaha atyagatya. idariMdalE
horanaaDinalli kannaDada kahaLe moLagalu saadhya.

ee Kannadasaahithya.com Mumbai-Pune beMbaligara baLagada sadasyanaagi
haagu uddEShita kaaryakramada aayOjakanaagi tammalleralli
kELkoLLOdEnappa aMdre, dayaviTTu, Mumbai-Pune nalli nelesirO tamma
kannada snEhitarige, athava ee vicaaradalli aasaktiyiruva inyaavudE
kannaDigarigoo ee vicaaravannu muTTisi, avarige
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/kannadasaahithya_mumbai_pune baLagada
sadasyaraaguvaMte soocisi, aa moolaka ee kannaDa kaaryakramavu Mumbai
nagaradalli yaShasviyaagi naDesalu sahakarisabEkaagi tammellaralli
vinamravaagi kOruttEne. tammellara haaraikegaLu nammoMdigirali.

haagE ee kaaryakramada bagge yOjisalu haagu janarige maahiti
talupisalu naavu kelavu kannaDada snEhitaru , ee weekend 2-3 Sep
Punenalli sEruttiddEve. dayaviTTu ee kaaryakramada baggeyoo suddi
talupisabEkaMtu manavi.


Rohit R
Mumbai 09372470905

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