Kannada, Kannadiga, Kannadigaru, Karnataka,

Kannadigarella ondaagi Kannadavannu ulisona, kalisona and belesona

Kannada saMskRutige apAyavide.

I guess I may not agree with you in many respects.  Though we are getting draged to discuss many issues, since you have told they have some bearing with Kannada, let me write atleat what I understand.  I guess this will rest this discussion and steer us towards what we set out to work for.  The britishers ruled India for more than 300 years.  They had the complete control over Indian administration.  Did they try to get rid of Hinduism?  Did it happen even if they tried?  Instead, we can give lots of useful works they have done during their rule over India.

1. The coffee estates which has got international recognition
2. Railway lines
3. Navigation facilities
4. Modern industries

Also, they never tried to kill Kannada language.  For a few examples of how they infact tried to uplift Kannada is:
1. Lord Cubbon implemented Kannada in the administration by learning it (our Cubbon Park is named after him)
2. Reverand Ferthinand Kittel wrote the finest Kannada Dictionary for Kannada who happened to be a foreigner and a Christian
3. One Christian foreigner told Kuvempu to write in Kannada which unleashed the genius of Kuvempu for Kannada upliftment
4. A german Christian has brought some fine works of Sri Haridasa which no Kannadiga has done, which has got the appreciation of many a critiques
5.  The Christ college Kannada Sangha has brought some of the finest literary works for Kannada (an example is : Sri H.S Raghavendra Rao’s thesis
named “haaDe haadiya tOritu”, which correlates the works of Sri Kuvempu, Sri Bendre and Sri putina)

In christianity also, there are lots of varied faiths like Pagans, Protestants, Catholics, etc, similar to what you have said like Dwaitha, Advaitha etc. which means they have a freedom to think and choose a faith and I guess they have not been killed.  These are only a few that I can remember at this moment.  I personally have many Christian friends (converted ones) who have a very good opinion of Hinduism.  They are not advocating  anyone to get into Christianity.  They are living happily with us and happen to know some of the very interesting facts and details of Hindu sacred works.  How can I complain them?  To your kind information, let me share some interesting information.  During the 12th century, people from Bengal came to Karnataka (Sri. Basaveshwara’s “anubhava maMTapa”).  They learnt Kannada to discuss with people here and went to their place and spread their ideas.  Who knows the great saint/prophet Sri. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Sri. Vivekananda have had these ideas sown by their ancestors which they have given us!  This may look ridiculous but cannot be ruled out.  This is how the discussion get turned to some unwanted ends.  That is why I never wanted to get into this riddle.  Many a great people have tried on these reforms.  We can be inspired by them.  Let us do what is possible for us.  What we can do at this moment is use more Kannada and do in our possibility to improve kannada.  I am more interested (only interested) in this.  Anyway, thanks for writing.

SANTHOSH <santhoshgr@rediffmail.com> wrote:

Sadashiv ravarE,
On Sat, 26 Aug 2006 Sada Shiva wrote :
>If a person finds shelter under a different faith, what do we lose?
If a person changes his faith within the religions which took birth in India(i,e, dvaita, advaita, shiva, vaishnava, virashaiva, sikh, jaina, baudda etc.) then there is no problem. But if a person who changes his faith to a religion with foriegn origin (like christianity and islam) then it is a very dangarous to us.

*If those converted become non-Kannadigas, that should worry us.

Nanu adannE hELUttiruvudu. kannaDigaru convert AdaShTU kannaDakke toMdareyE. alpasaMkhyAtara dRuShTikOna kannaDigarigiMta binna.

J C kumarappa, a converted Christian (who became a Gandhian) has told,
Foreign countries will try to capture India using four forces, first three are Army, Navy and Airforce. The fourth power was missionaries. The fourth force will destroy and decay the nation internally.

illi halavu saMkIrNa vicAragaLIve. shaMntavAgi yOcisidare mAtra arthavAguttade. dayaviTTu gamanisi conversion gaLiMda modalu effect Aguvudu kannaDa saMskRutige. A naMtara bhAShege.

1. christians eMdigU bEre dEvarugaLannu oppuvudilla.
2. oppadiddarE bEDA Adare avaru mikkellA dEvarugaLannU saitAn eMdu kareyuttaare.
3. christianity biTTu, anya saMskRtige  saMbhaMda paTTAMtahadellavannU nAshamADaletnisuttAre.
4. kannaDigareMdU itarEyavara mata, dharma, Achara, vichAragaLannu avahELana mADuvudilla. Adare obba convert Ada kUDalE avanu hiMdu dEvarugaLannu niMdisalu shuru mADuttaane. mAtravalla iduvaregU tAnu pUjisuttidda dEvarugaLige beMki haccuttAne.

illina samSkRutiyannu dvEshisalu prAraMbhisuttAne.
illina janapada hADugaLu, paurANika nATAkagaLU, kOlATagaLu, hADu hase ellavU maMgamAyavAguttade.

Novembar tiMgaLalli elleDe nAvu nADadEvi bhuvanEshvariya ArAdhane mADuttEve. Adare christiannara saMkhe heccAdare idu niMtu hOguttade.

Harihara, RAghavAMkara kRutigaLu artha kaLEdu koLLuttave. basavaNNanavara vachanagaLu kasadabuTTIge hOguttave. Rannana GadAyudda mane sEruttade. aShTEke? kuveMpuravara RamAyaNa darshanaM saha avarige bEkAgilla. Dasara meravaNigeyE iruvudilla, badalAgi Xmas habba baruttade. Illina samskRutiyoMdige hAsuhokkAgiruva ellA habba, haridinagaLU artha kaLedukoMDu mUle sEruttave. sarvajnana vacanagaLu, DVG yavara kRutigaLu hIge ellavU christiannarige sahyavAguvudilla.



On Sat, 26 Aug 2006 Sada Shiva wrote :
>We can give hundreds of reasons why they are getting converted.  Let this kind of discussion stop here.  If a person finds shelter under a different faith, what do we lose?  Please don’t think I am for conversion.  If those converted become non-Kannadigas, that should worry us.

>praveen Kumar <drpraveen72@yahoo.com> wrote:
>          —
>i was reading heated debate in this forum on religion etc and many
>felt it is nothing to do with ellakavi,we want only kannada etc
>i just want to tell all those who write innocently that what has been
>happening is very disturbing.yes ,true anybody who loves kananda
>irrespective of religion,caste will be a kannadiga.but the christian
>missioneries are converting lakhs of kurubas,lambanis and many such
>communities including 2 leading castes in karnataka according to well
>informed reports which i have with me now (clearly shot in videos
>they show how lakhs of villagers across north karnataka are being
>targetted by missioneries).the video shows how basavanna photo is now
>being replaced by other christian personalities.
>not only these people are lost from the religion but from the
>language point of view as tamil and malayalam missioneries are
>preaching in their languages and encouraging marriages from tamil and
>malayalam families who are converted like these people.
>here nobody are hating any religion.but they are intruding to our
>house and threatening our culture,our language.would people who
>spiritedly wrote against please realise this.
>if somebody wants i can send them the releavent documents how
>everything is getting destroyed in the name of conversions.
>In ellaKAVI@yahoogroups.com, “Sampige Srinivasa” <sampiges@…>
> >
> > kannaDa baMdhugaLe,
> > vaMdE mAtaram eMba dEsha bhakti geeteyannu hADalu virODhisiruva
> > bhAshikaru hAgu kraishta samudhayadavaru, muMde namma nADa
>geeteyada kuveMpu
> > avara “bhArata jananiya tanujAthe, jaya he karnataka maate”yannu
> > tamma dharmakke viruddha eMdu virOdhisuttare.
> >
> > kannaDigaru swalpa kannu bittu idara bagge aalochisi. kannaDa
>nADina bagge
> > nijavada abhimAnavulla ellarU kannaDa naadannu mateyeNdu
>pUjisuttare. idannu
> > namma urdu bhashikaru hAgu kraishtar oppikoLLuvare. mUrthi pUje
> > eMdu kannaDa nAda geetheyannu eadU samudayagaLu tiraskarisuvudu
> >
> > kannaDa nADa geeteyannu namma shaala, collegeu, Conventgalalli
> > madrasagalalli kaddayavagi haDabEkend namma sarkara kaddaya
> >
> > jaya he karnataka mate
> > saMpige
> >
>kannaDa taMtraaMshada bagge tamage aasaktiyiddalli, namma upayuktakaravaada taaNakke baMdu tamma vichaarasaraNiyannu maMdisi, nammoMdige kannaDa taMtraaMsha abhivRuddhiyalli paalgoLLireMdu kELikoLLUttEve.  nimage aasaktiyideyE?  namma taaNa


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