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Nourishes your Language


APPLESOFT, a software premier for Indian languages, has remained a prime and perhaps the sole organization over the past decade and a half which dedicates itself to extensive research on software in Indian languages. Its principal aim is to bridge the digital divide in society that arises due to lack of local language support resulting out of computerisation. Thus, this has been the driving motive behind Applesoft products.


It dedicates its work to research on software which enables a lay man use computers and other allied information technology gadgets in his own language. Its prime focus has been on software in areas of Indian Languages which are of immense value for the masses and has a direct bearing on proliferation of information technology to the masses in society. However, it has several prime contributions in the office automation, educational and communication arena as well. The unique feature of Applesoft has been that its concepts and approach has always remained timely, thorough and all the more, unique.


Over the years, the experience gained has enabled Applesoft widen its vision and horizon. From what started as providing software solutions for Indian languages on computers at Applesoft, it has diversified its area to cover almost the entire spread of digital media and includes neo IT gadgets of the sort of Pagers, Mobile phones, PDAs, Set top boxes etc. The experience gained over the years has positioned APPLESOFT as leader in IT for Indian Languages. It has thus encompassed the entire spread of software in Indian language and works in the direction of working in software technology in one’s own Mother tongue.  No wonder its proficiency has had deep impact not only on the market, but has impacted the very trend in development of software in these prime areas of software in Indian languages and education. No wonder several organizations and even Governments look upon Applesoft for expertise, guidance and lead in prime areas in this field which have potentialities to shape further developments in society.


Unlike many other software companies, Applesoft came into being more than a decade ago and was set up during January 1990 with the motto of developing technologies to promote Indian Languages on digital media.


In the quest to be amongst the users, Applesoft undertakes extensive research of software products which has appeal and utility amongst the users. Over the years since its inception, it has concentrated its research efforts on development of software in Indian languages and has conceptualized several unique products. Having started its research on MS DOS and MS Windows platform, the Applesoft team has made sufficient foray into these and related areas. The experience thus gained has proved to be its biggest asset. This has enabled it to envision solutions for Indian languages that covers the entire spread of the digital media. This list covers neo-digital gadgets of the likes of Dot Matrix Printers, Pagers, Mobiles and Set-Top boxes. Applesoft today boasts of having expertise for any of the vernacular interfaces for any of the applications above.


Of all Applesoft’s contributions and products, Janani and Localiser are allied products which are innovations by itself and first of its kind in the market. These classic products stand tall and only goes to prove Applesoft’s distinction, innovativeness and the level of expertise in the field of software for Indian language. Janani, a remarkable achievement is a result of extensive research in the field of Indian language computing which is only one of its kind in the area of localisation. Janani runs in the background and translates all menus, dialogs and system generated messages of the international version of MS Windows 98 and other applications which run on it to Tamil. Even though this technology has been implemented with Tamil, the technology has been designed with multilingual requirement and can meet the requirements of other Indian languages. Localiser, yet another indigenously developed software to localize all text based resources of a software. It thus enables translate all menus, dialogs and system generated messages of that software to Tamil. these innovations have enabled a user who does not know English to use computers, applications and the related technology which was hither to a forbidden area for a person with working knowledge of Indian Language alone.


Applesoft’s high quality research in this remote, but highly involving specialty area of software in Indian languages has drawn widespread technical requests from peer and Government organizations as well. Applesoft, is not only a leader in this area, but is also a trend setter in the area of software development for Indian languages. Hence, it is often consulted upon for development of standards for Indian languages. Applesoft derives its motivation to be part of the standardization process due to its passion for Indian Languages and its standardization, which has widespread implications in both the development of the very language and the technology for softwares in Indian languages.


Applesoft, having developed technical expertise in-house and being sound at it, has allied areas of business interests. Amongst key areas of its businesses are: Consultancy on software development for Indian languages, Developing specialized fonts across languages that may be used for special applications, Customisation of software for Indian languages and specialized support for localisation of softwares.


Applesoft is the only one in the area of software in Indian languages which boasts of several products to its credit. The list includes:

1. Surabhi

2. Surabhi GEM

3. Surabhi Professional

4. Subase

5. Surabhi 2000

6. Surabhi UV

7. Sentamil 1A, 1B and 4

8. Tamil Chudar 1&2

9. e- Type

10. Surabhi Tools

11. Sujeeva

12. Visaithamizh

13. Nannool

14. Atral

15. Janani

16. Localiser


Applesoft has to its credit of having developed several allied technologies in the area of Indian Language computing:

·         Antialiasing fonts.

·         Vernacular interface to MS DOS.

·         Vernacular interface to MS Windows 98.

·         Multilingual keyboard Manager.

  • Generic Code Conversion.


The key projects that Applesoft has handled includes:

1. Voters ID card.

2. Multilingual Pager.

3. Shaktiman.

4. Tamil Ulagam.

5. Tamil Thendral.

6. Janani.


Applesoft is a corporate affiliate / invitee for several professional bodies of the likes of:

(a) An Invitee by Govt of Karnataka for Standardising Kannada on Computers and related to Electronic typewriter.

(b) Member of Unicode Standardisation Committee for Tamil.

(c)  Member of COILTech Consortium.

(d) Member of High Level TDIL (Technology Development for Indian languages) R & D Working Group under the auspices of Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Govt of India, New Delhi.

(e)  An Invitee by Telecommunication Engineering Centre, New Delhi for Standardising Indian Languages for Pagers (ISCLAP Standards)

(f)  Member of TISC-TN (Tamil Internet Steering Committee) representing Tamil software industry.


Applesoft has a dedicated customer base spread across India and abroad apart from a dedicated dealer / distributor network. In India, various Government departments have been prime customers for products from Applesoft and have summarily been using them. The huge list runs to over 50 departments across Tamil Nadu and Karnataka predominantly and includes organizations like: International Institute of Tamil studies, Tamil Virtual University, ASMT, BEL, University of Michigan etc.  It also has offshore customers and are based at USA, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Applesoft’s products for Tamil has a well established user base at Singapore. Applesoft has established a leadership for products in Tamil and Kannada languages.


Applesoft may be contacted at the address furnished below:


# 39, 1st Cross, 1st Main

Shiva Nagar

West of Chord Road

Bangalore – 560 010

Tele : 080-23386167, 23357167

Fax : 080-23357167

E-mail : aplesoft@vsnl.com, applesoft@vsnl.com

Following are some of the products developed by APPLESOFT which supports Kannada.


Product Name : SURABHI


An innovative technology to localize MS DOS and all text based applications developed for MS DOS into Indian languages. This enabled text based applications like Wordstar, dbase etc to use Kannada. This software was demonstrated at the Vidhana soudha on 8th Aug 93 in the exhibition organized for the inauguration of Kannada jagruthi varsha celebrations.


Users : Any computer user whish to use the English software in his own language.


Product Name : SURABHI GEM


This is the first ever software enabled direct typing of Indian scripts like Kannada in the DTP softwares like Ventura Gem on MS DOS.


Users : Publishers, DTP centres etc.


Product Name : SURABHI PRO


First ever input interface software developed for MS Windows 3.0, which enabled direct typing of Indian scripts like Kannada into any of the application software.


Users : Publishers, DTP centres, Advocates, Bankers, Public sectors, Government Departments, Teachers, Students etc.,.


Product Name : Surabhi Inscript Processor (SIP)


The First ever wordprocessor to support multiple documents, multiple windows and file size upto 450Kb (as against the limitation of 64Kb programs on MS DOS)


Users : Publishers, DTP centres, Advocates, Bankers, Public sectors, Government Departments, Teachers, Students etc.,.


Product Name : SuBase


A database management software having dbase compatible file structure and programming environment having features like sorting, indexing working on MS DOS.


Users : Software developers, Government Departments etc.,.


Product Name : Surabhi SDK


The first ever SDK for Indian Languages, which enabled developing Indian language software on MS DOS. Later on it was supplied to support Indian scripts on MS Windows.


Users : Application software developers, Public sectors, Government Departments etc.,.

Product Name : SURABHI  2000


SURABHI 2000 is an Input enabling software for Windows 95/98/NT 4.0/NTTSE/XP through the choice of keyboard layouts. It provides direct typing facilities using various standard keyboard layouts, enables Find and Replace, keyboarding is auto-sensitive, comes with collection of fonts and enables hot keys and shortcut keys. It works with all popular MS Windows based applications like MS Office, StarOffice, OpenOffice, Lotus Smart Suite, Pagemaker, Photoshop, Hot Potatoe etc.,.



  • Compatible with MS Windows based applications
  • Co-exists with MS Windows based applications
  • Single binary for different 32-bit MS Windows
  • Scalable for any Indian Language
  • No Copy protection
  • Configurable personal options
  • Compatible with all fonts
  • Find and replace in Indian languages
  • Enables Indian Languages to Find Files or Folders
  • Intelligent keyboard manager
  • Choice of keyboard layouts
  • Enables Hot keys and Shortcut keys
  • Multitasking of MS Windows retained


Users : Publishers, DTP centres, Web content developers, Advocates, Bankers, Public sectors, Government Departments, Teachers, Students etc.,.


Product Name : SURABHI  UV

SURABHI UV is an Unicode Input enabling software for Windows XP through the choice of keyboard layouts. It provides direct typing facilities using various standard keyboard layouts, comes with collection of fonts and enables hot keys and shortcut keys. It works with all Unicode compliant MS Windows XP based applications like MS Office XP, StarOffice 6.0, OpenOffice 1.1, CorelDraw 12, Hot Potatoe 6.0 etc.,.



  • Unicode compliance
  • Compatible with Unicode compliant applications
  • Co-exists with MS Windows based applications
  • Scalable for any Indian Language
  • No Copy protection
  • Compatible with all fonts
  • Choice of keyboard layouts
  • Enables Hot keys and Shortcut keys
  • Multitasking of MS Windows retained


Users : Publishers, DTP centres, Web content developers, Advocates, Bankers, Public sectors, Government Departments, Teachers, Students etc.,.


Product Name : SURABHI TOOLS


SURABHI TOOLS, Is a collection of tools to support Indian Languages on the Tools of MS Office running on MS Windows. This includes tools such as Sorting, Text conversion, Auto correct, Date and Time, Numerals to text etc.


Users : Publishers, DTP centres, Web content developers, Advocates, Bankers, Public sectors, Government Departments, Teachers, Students etc.,.



Product name : SuJeeva


An interactive Web content enabling utility exclusively developed for Indian Languages to enable typing in Indian Languages in the Text fields, Text Area and Set fonts to Text fields, Text Area, Buttons and Body Text.




* Enables typing in Indian Languages for

            * Interactive internet applications

            * Standalone Web pages

* Preview of Web page

            * Choice of Keyboard Layouts


Users : Internet application developers, Web content developers, Teachers etc.,



Product Name : e-Type


e-Type, is a compact embedded font solution developed exclusively to support Indian Languages and to facilitate localisation of Pagers, Mobile phones, Dot Matrix Printers and any digital gadgets. The compact code size also enables multi-lingual solutions in the power crunch digital gadgets. It is easy to implement, extremely portable and contains clear and understandable source code with documentation. With appropriate peripheral support like demo code, debug tools with source code and design manual, e-type enables excellent and seamless integration with short implementation period.


* Supports ISCLAP standards.

* Generates high-quality complex characters / ligatures.

* Facilitates product localisation in Indian Languages.

* Packaged as ‘C’ source code to enable portability.

* Proven and successful product integration.

* Short implementation period.


Users : Any embedded software developer willing to include Indian Languages, Any OEMs’ manufacturing Pagers, Mobile phones, Dot Matrix Printers etc.,


Product Name  : Janani


Janani is first time effort to localize MS Windows 98 and applications running on it. Janani is a boon to Indians and Indian languages. Janani localises the User Interfaces such as Menus, Dialog boxes, Status bar texts, Help tips etc., of MS Windows 98 and enables seamless integration of Language and Technology.


* Empowers to use the MS Windows 98 based computers in the choice of language of the user.

* Fulfills the goal of Global village/Wealth creator/Knowledge society.

* Makes possible to impart computer education in regional languages.

* Infuses love for language.

* Enhances vocabulary of regional languages.

* Removes the language barrier.




* Localises the software applications during run-time.

* Localises standard applications, tools, control panel applications etc.

* Translates the user interfaces like standard menus, Pulldown menus, Shortcut menus, System menus, Tooltips, Messages, Button texts, Status bar texts, Dialogs, Help tips etc.

* Localises standard application software like Internet Explorer, Notepad, Wordpad, Address book, Windows Media player etc bundled with the Operating System.

* Offers helps in the users choice of language.

* Provides Bi-Lingual user interface option.

* Localises all the application software types based on EXE, DLL, OCX and CPL


Users : Any Indian who wants to use Computers based on MS Windows 98 Operating System in his choice of Language, starting from Farmers to Professionals including students.



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  1. kindly send surabhi 2000 and surabhi uv kannada fonts please

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  2. how to download surabhi kannada font. What is the procegure.

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  3. Dear Sir,

    This is Asha frm sai sri durga infotech. Kindly tell me how to install the surabhi kannada.

    awaiting fr your reply.



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  4. how to download the surabhi soft and fonts tell me pleassee its urgently

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  5. Please advice me how to download the surabhi soft and fonts tell me pleassee its urgently. I am attainding an interview in District court Hasan. It is very urgent.Thank in well advance.

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  6. Dear Sir,

    Please advice me how to download the surabhi soft and fonts. Because I am attending the interview in District Court, Hassan. It is very urgent for me. Thanks well advance.

    Comment by Pundalik | December 16, 2008 | Reply

  7. sir, i want surabhi kannada software, where can i get that CD? give your address, phone no. etc please. today

    Comment by seemarao | May 6, 2009 | Reply

  8. Please let me know how do i free download the software.

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  9. sir pls tel me how do i gt surabhi software

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  10. please send a copy of the Kannada Surabhi software or notify me address where software C.D is available.

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  12. Dear sir,

    Pl. give the SURABI KANNADA SOFTWARE for me. I want the install my system for the help of my wife.Pl. send the SURABI KANNADA SOFTWARE.




    Comment by vijayakumar.d.s | November 15, 2010 | Reply

  13. Hi everybody…
    Surabhi is not a free software. If anybody want to download free Kannada software…. go for Baraha (old version not the latest version) and install. It’s a very user friendly software which supports almost all Indian languages.

    Comment by Shashi | January 6, 2011 | Reply

  14. Sir,

    Can I download Surabhi Kannada Software for free.

    Comment by RAMACHANDRA | January 20, 2011 | Reply

  15. sir my lap top is compaq presario cq 43 and i installed microsoft original home windows 7 32 bit and my question is , “whether surabhi soft ware in running in it” and how to get soft ware and please send the address and phone number

    Comment by B.R.Jagadesh | April 21, 2012 | Reply

  16. how to download surabhi kannada fonts. no reply is seen though many times the same question is asked

    Comment by Gururaj Agnihotri, Deputy Conservator of Forests, Bangalore | August 5, 2012 | Reply

  17. Hi, I am Anand, I am working in Judiciary Department.
    Surabhi is Very good software. Especially Typists. Plz Typing students Use this Software.
    Plz help me. I want surabhi 2000 Kannada Software. how to download this software.

    Comment by Anand Channappagol | May 7, 2015 | Reply

  18. Thanks to surabhi makers…. Surabhi is wonderfull software in kannada. All learners use this

    Comment by Ravidada | May 7, 2015 | Reply

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