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Monopoly of KGP – Prepared by Mr. N. Anbarsan

Monopoly of KGP – Prepared by Mr. N. Anbarsan

Through this press note, I briefly explain the facts related to the act of Monopoly of KGP, which has unethically monopolized the Kannada software development thereby causing irreparable damages to the development of Kannada on computers.

KGP has monopolized the Kannada software development in the following way:

1. by violating the standards prescribed for Kannada software

a. Using Non-Standard encoding.

b.Non provision of conversion utility to handle ISCII and standard encoding.

c.Non provision of any conversion utility to convert data using existing Kannada software.

d. Non issuance of certificates to the Kannada software developers to block their software.

e. Has developed Nudi without providing the standard manual typing method, which is being taught in polytechniques and is mandatory for recruitment of Typists and stenographers.

2. Bagged order to develop all the required software for Kannada.

3. Blocks the development of Kannada software by developing various software.

4. Acts as a middleman and gets the work done from the unrecognized developers.

5. Kills competition by forcing the users to use their uncertified, non-standard software.

Violation of Govt standards

I draw your attention to the item 1 of the G.O maa.tham.e 6 neesamvi 2000 Bangalore, dated 1.11.2000 QUOTE Kannada lipi thanthraamsha thayaarikaru, ee aadheshakke lagathisiruva anubhandhadhalliruva shishta mathu eaka roopa kannada aksharabhagagalu mathu ASCII sankethagalanne balasathakkadhdhu UNQUOTE which restricts the Kannada software developers to use only the standardized glyph codes and forbids to use any other coding in their Kannada software. However, KGP has devised a new non-standard proprietary encoding to take advantage over other softwares to monopolise Kannada software field.

In the same G.O, item 5 states that only those software developed as per the G.O to be included in the list of Govt approved software/software developers/software vendors are to be used QUOTE ee mele helalaadha ella nibhandhanegalige olapattu sidhdhapadisalaadha kannada thanthraamshagalu maathra sarkaaradha maanyathe padedha adhikrutha thanraamsagala / thnthraamsha thayaarakara / thanthraamsha maaraatagaarara pattiyallirabeku UNQUOTE. Eventhough, no one has certified Nudi for its conformity with the standard, Nudi is being distributed to user departments and general public.

The G.O in reference also insists the Govt departments and organizations to use only the kannada software which has been certified to meet the requirement of G.O. Item 6 reads as QUOTE karnaataka sarkaaradha ella ilaakegalu, karnaataka sarkaaradha swaamyake seridha nigamagalu, mandaligalu, praadikaaragalu, vishwavidhyaalayagalu, vidhyasamthegalu, sthaleeya samsthegalu, anudhanitha samsthegalu ee nibhandhanegalige olapattu pramaaneekruthavaadha kannada lipi thanraamshagalannu maathra balasabeku UNQUOTE.

Even after DIT directs KGP to issue certificates to those software which are in compliance with the stipulated standards, KGP has not issued any certificate but issued a report for having tested the software, probably with the hidden agenda of blocking the other softwares.

Govt of Karnataka elevated KGP as a sole Kannada software developer

The preamble to the G.O maa.tham.e 234 a.da.vi 2001 dated 27.12.2001 clearly outlines the role of KGP as a sole Kannada software developer. QUOTE sarkaradha kacherigalalli dhainandhina kelasagalalli kannadavannu sampoornavaagi balasalu agathyavaadha kelavu anvayaka thanthramsagalannu kannada ganaka parishaththu abhivrudhdhi padisi kaalakaalakke adhannu uththamapadisuva hagu innithara anvayaka thanthraamsagalannu abhivrudhdhi padisuva… UNQUOTE

Is it not an action of MONOPOLY? One must realize that when the end user is not having any alternate choice, he ends up with monopolized product. For anything and everything, healthy competition paves ways for advancement and creating new records. so also the same yardstick applies in the case of development of Kannada software. Unfortunately, this has been bypassed. In the instant issue any growth of technology is naturally to come through research, as it happened always in the past.

Blocks the development of Kannada software

KGP is also developing other software which is not covered in the list of G.O to sanction funds. Few examples of such software are Vethana to meet the accounting requirement and e-Adalitha to meet the office administrative requirement. Release of Vethana was also reported by some of the leading dailies.

KGP as a middleman

As is evident from Nudi software, the Copyrights of various components of Nudi rests with certain individuals. It proves that KGP is a middleman engaging certain select individuals and firms to derive the requisite results.

KGP Kills competition

KGP in nexus with officials in DIT has successfully installed Nudi software in all the computers of user departments. In order to achieve the goal of monopolized use of Nudi in every computers of GoK user departments, KGP and DIT jointly enacted the drama of “testing software”. DIT sent letters to all the user departments to use Nudi falsely claiming Nudi has been developed in conformity with the standards prescribed for Kannada software. KGP hired students to install the software in all the computers including the Secretariate network, which connects all the departments.

GoK has implemented its e-Governance projects using non-standard encoding by using the non-standard Nudi software. KGP also influences use its non-standard encoding through its SDK to implement various other Govt and non-Govt computerization projects.

In the name of standardization, KGP has messed up things. Grabbed the user bases in the name of standardization and forced the users to use non-standard encoding. As a result KGP achieved monopoly hold in Kannada software development.

As a result of this nexus NO developers could develop any innovative softwares or technologies to meet the growing needs of Kannada on computers.


1. We urge the GoK to immediately stop the usage of Nudi which does not meet the laid down criteria and which is not certified until it fully conforms to the prescribed standards and is certified by competent agency.

2. We urge the GoK to remove the unfair restrictive conditions imposed on the Kannada software developers and have level playing field for all Kannada software developers.

3. We seek the Govt to implement the standard typing method adopted in the courses conducted by the Directorate of Technical Education and various other institutions in all the computerization projects.

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