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KGP’s Monkey business

KGP’s Monkey business

The selfish mean-minded executive members of KGP has unleashed series of onslaught on Kannada software developers and has also diverted the public attention by making baseless statements. Their attitude clearly proves that they are much interested in saving their own skin rather than serving Kannada by correcting the mistakes. I hereby provide details which expose their allegations and statements.

Who has to be blamed for the state of Kannada software
Before blaming the developers one has to think twice about the efforts and people behind the survival of Kannada on computers. Without these passionate developers Kannada on computers would have become an extinct. Some thoughtless developers might have followed some dirty tricks to recover the cost of development and maintenance. But it is not fair to blame the developers enemas for the whole mess. The fundamental flaw is lack of any international standards for Indian Languages to facilitate usage of Indian languages on the shrink wrapped products of international version. No International software developer would include any language unless there is an international standard. In the absence of any international standards, restriction due to copyright and to respect the developer’s IPR, the developers are forced to adopt their own proprietary encoding. When the international software giants left the Indian Languages for lack of standards and revenue, it is these local passionate developers who made all these developments possible.

It was due to the failure of Govt to realize the data portability problems and regularize by recommending a standard. Govt took (sixteen) years to announce a mono-lingual standard after introduction of computers in its administration. Even now Govt is not swiftly acting to regularize the non-standard encoding adopted in Nudi. Even after the data portable issues due to non-standard encoding has been informed to Govt, instead of rectifying the issue, it has implemented further computerization projects using non-standard encoding. After having done much damage to Kannada software development, now KGP blames the passionate Kannada software developers to escape from the clutches of those souls inherited with lust for technology for Kannada. KGP has spoiled the Kannada software development by misusing the Govt machinery and by trapping them with a non-standard encoding. When the Kannada software developers have switched over from their proprietary encoding to Govt standard, KGP has cunningly trapped the users with their non-standard encoding. While they have adopted the proprietary coding in the absence of any standard, KGP has adopted the same against the Govt standards.

What is the sponsorship share of KDA
KGP is refuting the allegations of funding by GoK by suppressing inner details. GoK through its Department of Information Technology has sanctioned funds to the tune of Rs.31,11,000.00 vide its two orders G.O No ªÀiÁvÀAE 23 CqÀ« 2001, ¨ÉAUÀ¼ÀÆgÀÄ ¢£ÁAPÀ 31.1.2001 and G.O No ªÀiÁvÀAE 234 CqÀ« 2001, ¨ÉAUÀ¼ÀÆgÀÄ ¢£ÁAPÀ 27.12.2001. Further, KGP has acknowledged KDA (Kannada Development Authority) and (Directorate of Information Technology) for having sponsored the development of Nudi. Can KGP give details on this sponsorship. How much funding it has received from KDA and DIT.

Why KGP has not received the total money?
KGP is intentionally misleading the public by partially mentioning the funds it has received from the Govt. KGP is hiding the details on the G.O through which GoK has sanctioned funds. The audited balance sheet of KGP for the year 2001-02 shows that it has received funds amounting to Rs.12,36,040.00 from GoK. This is in excess of Rs.3,90,040.00 to what they claimed through newspapers. On the one hand they give wrong financial details and on the other hand they challenge to prove the funding. Why don’t they clarify that as to why they received only Rs.8,46,000.00 from GoK against Rs.31,11,000.00?

Some of the Glaring audited financial details of KGP
Rent paid by KGP for the financial year 2001-02 is Rs. 30,150.00 against the previous year rent of Rs. 3,700.00. Can KGP clarify for the abrupt increase in the rent paid. Another glaring money spent is on the honorarium for the year 2001-02 is Rs.3,52,500.00 against the previous year honorarium of Nil. Can KGP give full details as to whom the honorarium was paid and how much paid to each individual?

Why certification for Kannada software is cancelled
As KGP claims that a decision was taken to cancel certification of Kannada software at a meeting held by KDA, can KDA disclose the details and clarify the current status.
As per the existing Notification of the Govt of Karnataka, Kannada softwares are required to be certified by KGP. This practice has been rigidly followed by APPLESOFT and submitted its Kannada software to DIT and demonstrated to KGP for certification by KGP. Though, as per written guidelines to KGP by DIT, the Kannada softwares are required to be evaluated and certified based on the compliance of the guidelines. KGP is to issue evaluation report and certificate to the concerned organisations submitting the softwares. However, while evaluation report has been issued to us, no certificate has been issued to us by KGP so far with singular objective to block our software.

While we are quite unaware of any decision taken at any level, the clause “hereafter there is no need for certification” as brought out in the Press report of KGP, raises the following issues which need to be elucidated.

1. Does it mean that Kannada softwares subjected for certification need not go for such certification by KGP or no certification by any other authority. If so, the GO reference and effective date of such notification is needed for our compliance.

2. When the orders were issued for obtaining certification from KGP, the user departments and concerned software developers/vendors were informed for compliance. However, while the change in ruling as above has taken place, we have not been appraised of the changed procedure.

Typewriter and Uniform keyboard
KGP is blaming Mr. Poornachandra Thejaswi for having rejected the use of Nudi on learning that it doesn’t provide facility to type Kannada based on the typing method followed on the manual typewriter. It is not only Mr Thejaswi who has rejected Nudi based on the fact that it has not got the typing method based on the manual typewriter but also many other typist turned computer users have rejected Nudi on the same ground. If Nudi was not forced on the end users of Govt departments, it would have been a total rejection.

It is a failure of GoK in not taking steps to protect its student community who learn Kannada typing aspiring for the posts of typists/stenographers based on the rules for selection of typists and stenographers which stipulates Manual typewriter qualification as mandatory. On the one hand it forces an unscientific typing method as standard and on the other hand it continued to train students on the manual typewriter. By forcibly introducing Nudi, GoK has not only killed the development of Kannada software but also made mockery of commercial practice diploma course conducted by department of technical education. The non-availability of typewriter based typing method due to non-availability of software will also render thousands of typists jobless.

Kannada software development is not a profitable business
Dr. Panditha is trying to mislead the public by saying that the Kannada software developers are making profit of crores of rupees. Can he prove his statement and provide breakup details on the turnover related to Kannada software. In reality, the IT companies which make profit of crores of rupees don’t develop any Kannada software. This fact is also known to Dr. Panditha, knowingly he is not only trying to malign Mr Poorchandra thejaswi but also mislead the public. It is a fact that companies like TCS and DCM developed language software but wound up their language software development activity due to its non-revenue generation. The monopoly of KGP has already reduced the Kannada software developers to three. Some of the Kannada software developers who are not shortlisted for Kannada software by GoK are : Modular Infotech, Sonata, Microsense, Starbees, Summit, Bluecell technologies, Softek, Lastech computers etc. If the same situation continues there will not be anybody to develop any newer Kannada software.

KGP has failed in developing the required Kannada softwares
The G.O clearly states that the sum of Rs. 27.65 lakhs would be paid @ Rs.5 lakhs in 5 installments and the remaining in one installment of 2.65 lakhs based on the progress of development made by KGP. When the GoK has issued orders to release funds based on the progress made by KGP, why it should stop with just one installment of Rs.5 lakhs. If the GoK has released only the first installment, it amounts to prove that KGP has not made any progress on the development of funded softwares. Is it not proving that KGP has already failed in developing Kannada software

Kannada software development proposal were submitted by KGP
Dr. Panditha is spreading wrong information on the list of software funded by GoK. As per the preamble to G.O G.O No ªÀiÁvÀAE 234 CqÀ« 2001, ¨ÉAUÀ¼ÀÆgÀÄ ¢£ÁAPÀ 27.12.2001, it is clear that KGP has prepared and submitted a proposal for 22 items, which was analysed and considered for funding by GoK.

Out of the 16 items for which funds were allotted for development, one item is StarOffice. Now Dr.Panditha says they have developed OpenOffice. What is the contribution of KGP in the development of OpenOffice? How do they justify their rate of rupees five lakhs for such works? Is it not a breach of contract to develop different product in place of the product for which contract was awarded.

The press release from KGP says that they are in the process of developing OpenOffice and planning to release shortly. Dr. Panditha’s statement contradicts KGP by saying KGP has developed OpenOffice and it saved lot of money to Govt. Can he provide the usability study made on OpenOffice? can he give details on its installation base? Can he provide any details on how OpenOffice is going to replace MS Office?

KGP is a defunct society
Eventhough KGP claims it to be a registered body, by not maintaining its accounts and not filing its returns with RoS, KGP has become a defunct society. On learning that the illegal sanctioning of funds by GoK is entering into legal disputes, KGP got audited its first three consecutive financial years accounts in one shot. Where the public can view the accounts. Is it in the office of KGP? As per the records of ROS, KGP has not maintained any records. It proves the extent of correctness of his arguments.

Why KGP has not developed any converter to convert data created using other Kannada software
Inspite of the nature of Govt funded development of Nudi and the stipulated guidelines it is mandatory to provide a converter to convert the data created using the existing software, Why KGP has not provided any converter to convert the data created by the existing software.

While claiming that KGP has developed conversion utilities to convert data created using other Kannada software, why it has not distributed to any body. Why it is being guarded as secret. What has prompted and why it is depriving the users of other Kannada software.

Can KGP provide the details on the file types that its converter can handle? Does its converter handles formatted documents? Does it handle documents created using Ventura, Corel Draw, Pagemaker, Quark Express, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS Access, Lotus Smart suite etc,. The claim to have developed converter will simply mislead the end users.

Kannada software developers have adopted the Govt standard
Dr. Panditha is deliberately making attempts to coverup the issues in half baked manner by arguing against the press statements of KGP. KGP has admitted that it has certified a few Kannada software for its conformity to the standards of GoK and also the list of shortlisted vendors for Kannada software proves that Dr.Panditha’s argument is false.

The admittance of KGP to have certified a few Kannada software and the list of shortlisted vendors for Kannada software by GoK proves that the shortlisted vendors like APPLESOFT has developed its software as per the standards of GoK. The reports issued to the Kannada software developers on the software submitted to it for certification confirms that the developers like APPLESOFT has provided conversion utilities to convert the data created using older version to the standard. Even after having issued a report, the charge on the developers that the developers have not given conversion utility to convert the old data only proves the quality of his allegation. As a Kannada software developer who was approved by the GoK continuously, we demand public apology from Dr. Panditha for having made such maligning propaganda against the Kannada software developer like us.

The fact is that KGP has introduced the non-standard proprietary encoding into its Nudi software to monopolies the Kannada software requirement. By having violated the Govt standards and monopolized the Kannada software development, KGP has virtually killed Kannada software development.

If the problems related to Unicode for Kannada is not yet resolved, Why Nudi supports Unicode only on MS Windows XP?
If the unresolved problems still continues with Unicode, in the first place why did KGP has provided facility to type in Unicode on MS Windows XP. If the intention is to support Unicode, then why it didn’t provide the same facility for MS Windows 98 which is having more user base than the new MS Windows XP. The explanation provided by Dr.Panditha that Unicode facility will be provided on MS Windows 98 when the problem is resolved will not serve the tech savvy users.

What is a model software?
Nudi is being called as a model software, testing software to test the Kannada software developed by shortlisted vendors, developed as per the requirement of Govt standard and full-fledged software by various concerned people and KGP. If it is considered as a model software, it implies that it doesn’t have any functionality. How one can develop any application with Nudi which is not having any functionality. If it is considered as testing software, this software is not testing any key sequences while typing Kannada in the Kannada software developed by any of the shortlisted vendors. If it is considered as a software developed as per the Govt standard, it has violated the Govt standard by introducing bi-lingual fonts and not fulfilling the requirement of conversion utility to convert the Kannada data created using the existing Kannada software and also tantamount to violating Govt standards. If it is considered as full-fledged software, what is the specification for such software. Nudi lacks its identity and has become ghost to threaten the Kannada development on computers.

No vendor has opposed free use of not only Nudi but any Kannada software
No vendor has filed any complaint with Lokayuktha regarding its free usage. But has filed complaint with Lokayuktha only to question the Monopoly of Nudi and KGP, misuse of official machinery, Misuse of funds, Procedural lapses in funding KGP. Can KGP prove as to who has filed complaint with Lokayktha to stop the free usage of Nudi. KGP is attempting to create an impression that the attempt of the vendors to stop Nudi is already rejected by Lokayuktha and also tries to create bad impression about the developers who had upheld the use of Kannada and nourished on computers.

False propaganda against Kannada software developers
An active member of KGP attempts to mesmerize the readers by saying that certain Kannada software developers are making false statements though the mass media against KGP because they had suffered losses by loosing business with Govt departments. It is some what like kicking down the ladder after climbing and reaching the requisite height. It tantamounts that become of monopoly of uncertified NUDI software and at the convenience of the parties concerned in this foul game, that they admit for their ill deeds and their hidden agenda of promoting NUDI. If active member of KGP or anyone on his behalf believes that false statements are being made, let them attempt to prove it else it means they are fully in agreement for their misdeeds.

Brand building by KGP
Nudi is being distributed as FREEWARE with every rights lying with KGP. But publicly it claims that Nudi is a property of GoK. Doesn’t it proves that GoK has been cheated? if not, does not it mean that the act of GoK proves that it is promoting KGP to achieve monopoly of Kannada software development. If GoK owns the copyright, why it should hesitate to announce it in Open source. In reality KGP has released Nudi as freeware to promote its brand name to encash it on attaining monopoly.

Kannada software developers
It is often claimed by KGP that many organizations are developing Kannada software. Why it has not provided any list of such developers. Why GoK has not shortlisted such developers for Kannada software development.

Monkey business
The executive members of KGP who thought of self acclaiming and becoming recognized saviours of Kannada by duping GoK in the pretension of serving Kannada, have tried their fingers on Kannada software. A common person who is aware of the state of technology for Kannada a decade ago and its present state, can understand the achievement. It is because of those passionate Software developers who worked relentlessly. If KGP thinks of achieving all these developments over night or in such a short period, then it is not by their physical work, may be by mesmerism or magic. As Bhagwan Buddha once said that whatever is offered or given to any one – it reaches the receiver, if he deserves it. Otherwise it goes back to the giver. Like wise, the un-deserved comparison or allegations of KGP on software developers will ultimately go back to them only as the software developers don’t deserve it. The activities of KGP in Kannada software has now proved to be a monkey business.

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